About Us

Hi there, we are a Transsexual loudmouth, a bitchy genetic female, and a Transsexual bimbo. We talk about everything and anything inappropriate. Is there something you want to ask, but didn't want to offend someone? Well have no fear, we are REALLY hard to offend. It can be done but you have to try hard.
Kimber Raven Lexis


Kimber is a cam model and multi award winner for her adult entertainment. She was an AVN nominee for 2017, Kimber has her own adult entertainment production company called Bad girl Mafia.


Raven is an up and cumer, she was just nominated for her first award will soon have a dvd release, and is part owner of Bad girl Mafia.


Lexis has been in a few adult films, but is now the production manager for Bad girl Mafia and The totally inappropriate radio show.