What is the Totally Inappropriate Radio Show? Well ... @demonseed69 decided to give @KimberHaven and @TSRavenRoxx their own radio show! If you know anything about them you already know where the show got its name! As if all this wasn't enough; They picked @lexis_steel to manage the show! This is beyond words!


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Welcome to the TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE RADIO SHOW! We interview guests from all walks of life that have found their way into the adult industry. Some might say our show is a lot like Howard Stern ... Only one thing ... we don't ask the nice questions or even the rude ones. We ask the down right dirty questions that people really want to know and most people would never even admit to ... or would they? We ask things like "How often did you suck dick on the corner and what was the cheapest you ever done it for? When was the last time you done it?" You wouldn't believe what we find out about our guests that no one else has ever uncovered! Missed a show or just finding out about us? Check out a shortened version in our past shows section where you can not only listen but you get to see all the crazy things we do during our show! Trust us this is where you want to be every Saturday from 6-8 PM EST.!
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